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Design and Implementation of a Virtual Medical Consultation and Diagnostic System with dedicated point-2-point Instant Message Interface with Doctors

As mentioned earlier, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused mixed or stirred-up reactions of every ind...

Design and Implementation of a Mobile Based Court Proceeding Information System

Generally in respect to court proceeding, court or courts hearing can be categorized into to broa...

Design and Implementation of Online Registration of South-East and South-South Graduate Training Form and Database Management (A case study of NDDC)

The Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) being the case study of this project research is a...

Design and Implementation of an Andriod Mobile Bus Ticket Reservation and Parcel Management System

The android mobile bus ticket reservation system which can also be referred to as virtual ticket...

Design and Implementation of a Web Based School Security Alert System

Security can be defined as the state of being free from danger or threat. This can be in regards...

Design and Implementation of an Improved Enterprise Resource Planning for Small and Medium Enterprise

In (the name of your case study) which is the case study of this research management process are...




Mark Zuckerberg rolls out 'Fingerprint lock' feature on WhatsApp

If you use WhatsApp on Android then there’s finally some good news about security.

The Facebook-owned app has now begun testing a fingerprint lock feature which means your messages ...Read More

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Portala Online Compiler: see good reasons of using Portala Compilar for your program

It has been my hobby to research and develop helpful trending technologies that can eliminate most stress we face programming  and this week I discovered  a nice online compiler that can ...Read More

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Why I used React to build Facebook!

React JS is a JavaScript library gaining quick popularity and being rightly designated as bestsellers. What makes React JS popular is its amazing utility in web development and revolutionizing the ...Read More

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