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Computerized Immunization Documentation and Alerting System

Immunization is the process whereby a person is made immune or resistan...

Opinion Poll Information Management system

Poll is a public opinion survey in which either all members of a particular group, organization o...

Design and Implementation of an E-magazine portal for Editorial and Publication

This project Case Study is channeled to NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) but can be used by an...

Design and Implementation of an E-learning and Social Networking Platform for Student and Lecturers

Lecturer-student relationship could determine the performance of a student or group of students i...

Design and Implementation of an Improved Automated Examination Marking and Grading System

It is well-known that the computer and information technology as a whole, has impacts on modern e...

Web Based Vehicle Auctioning and Sales Management System

Despite the popularity among millions of users around the globe, selling, bidding for, and buying...




Mark Zuckerberg rolls out 'Fingerprint lock' feature on WhatsApp

If you use WhatsApp on Android then there’s finally some good news about security.

The Facebook-owned app has now begun testing a fingerprint lock feature which means your messages ...Read More

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Portala Online Compiler: see good reasons of using Portala Compilar for your program

It has been my hobby to research and develop helpful trending technologies that can eliminate most stress we face programming  and this week I discovered  a nice online compiler that can ...Read More

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Why I used React to build Facebook!

React JS is a JavaScript library gaining quick popularity and being rightly designated as bestsellers. What makes React JS popular is its amazing utility in web development and revolutionizing the ...Read More

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